4 Reasons To Have An Excellent Home Security System In Phoenix

September 22, 2023 reasons to have an excellent home security

The Phoenix city offers a rich cultural experience with an array of museums, parks, and deserts. But beneath the picturesque surface, like any other city, it faces its own set of challenges, including extreme weather conditions and property crimes. Gang violence remains a persistent issue in some areas of Phoenix. In fact, Phoenix's crime rate, clocking in at approximately 3,800 incidents per 100,000 people, stands 61% higher than the national average. In this blog, we'll look at four compelling reasons why having solid home security in Phoenix is not just a luxury but also a vital investment for its residents in the heart of the desert.

1. Detects Smoke And Fire:

Phoenix is known for its extremely hot and dry climate, which can lead to the risk of wildfires during scorching summers. Most home security systems come equipped with fire and smoke detectors that can alert you to potential dangers by providing early warnings when they detect the presence of smoke or escalated levels of heat. Some advanced home security in Phoenix automatically sends notifications to the central monitoring station when the alarm is triggered. They, in turn, contact the fire department on your behalf, ensuring a swift response, even if you are unable to make the call yourself.

2. Safeguards Home From Wildlife Intrusion:

The desert environment around Phoenix is home to various wildlife, from the tiniest desert critters to formidable creatures like coyotes. These animals can sometimes enter residential areas, posing a risk to your family. Home security systems with specialized sensors and cameras can help detect the presence of wildlife. These sensors are equipped with motion detection technology that can differentiate between human and animal movements. When wildlife activity is detected, the system sets off an alarm, helping you to take the required steps.

3. Lower Insurance Premiums:

Insurance companies grant discounts to homeowners who invest in robust security systems because they are seen as lower-risk clients. Most of them provide a discount of 2% to 15% on your premiums, depending on the type of home security system you have. Over time, these savings may be sufficient to pay off the home security system's initial investment.

4. Increased Resale Value:

A security system can give your property an added advantage in a competitive housing market like Phoenix. When buyers compare similar homes, the one with extra security features is likely to stand out. It communicates a sense of safety and security, which is a significant selling point for many home seekers, especially those with families. The knowledge that they are moving into a well-protected home can make a property more attractive and can lead to a quicker sale at a better price.

Through this blog, you may have discovered that home security systems serve a greater purpose than just preventing break-ins. They offer a way to keep an eye on your property from anywhere, giving you peace of mind. If you're looking for reliable home security in Phoenix , reach out to Home Security Systems and Wireless Alarms. Our home security systems not only help safeguard your home but also discourage criminal activities in your neighborhood and thus create a safer community.