How to Achieve a Sense of Security While Living Alone in Your Jacksonville, FL Residence

April 29, 2024 Jacksonville home security companies

According to a data from Statista, there are now over 37 million people living independently in the United States, which is a significant increase over the previous year. Living alone gives you freedom in areas like food planning and house design, but it also means you are responsible for your own personal safety and home security.

Being one of the top Jacksonville home security companies, we provide safety advice to single people, giving them the self-assurance to continue living independent lives.

1. Get To Know Your Neighbors

Despite the fact that we frequently can't take our eyes off of our phones or social media, getting along with our neighbors can make us feel safer. Being familiar with our neighbors' faces and cars helps us recognize them, and they can assist us in keeping a watch out for anything strange in the neighborhood. Put down your phone and say hi to your neighbor the next time you see them.

2. Be Careful About What You Share Online:

While it's crucial to keep close friends and family updated on your whereabouts, exercise caution when disclosing your travel schedule on social media. Simple posts like this can reveal whether you're home or not, leaving you open to intrusion. If you live alone, try to limit how often you share your whereabouts on social media.

3. Have Backup:

You don't have to manage everything by yourself if you live alone. Inform your close pals of any changes to your regular schedule, such as impending vacations. Make regular check-ins with them so that in the event that you disappear, someone would know. Bring a friend along if you have repairmen or contractors coming around for extra security.

4. Consider Getting A Pet:

Even if it's not practical for everyone, living alone can benefit from having a pet like a dog or cat since they can offer both emotional and physical security. In order to enjoy the advantages of pet companionship without the long-term commitment, think about pet-sitting for others if you are unable to own a pet full-time.

5. Secure Your Garage:

Don't ignore the garage as a potential point of entry for burglars. By using automation to operate the door remotely and make sure it is closed while you are gone, you may increase the security of your garage. For added security during protracted absences, think about installing a manual lock.

6. Maintain Your Landscaping:

By blocking sight lines and removing hiding places, well-kept landscaping helps discourage criminals. Regular pruning of bushes and trees keeps them from serving as cover for trespassers. For increased security, place prickly bushes close to windows and entrance points. Planter boxes are a great way for apartment residents to increase window protection.

7. Invest In A Smart Home Security System:

Install a smart home security system to help you safeguard your house proactively. There are several choices available to suit different types of homes and give additional peace of mind to individuals who live alone, including motion sensors, smart locks, outdoor cameras, and video doorbells.

At Home Security Systems Jacksonville FL, we provide specialized security monitoring services to Jacksonville locals. Your new home security system in Jacksonville can be customized to suit your individual requirements.