How to Burglar-Proof Your Ocala Home Windows And Prevent Break-ins?

November 02, 2023 Burglar-Proof Your Ocala Home

Break-ins are all too common in the United States. reports that 23% of burglars enter homes through windows. This is concerning, especially when 66% of burglaries target homes and 34% target businesses. If your area faces frequent burglaries, it's wise to learn how to safeguard your home's windows and doors with anti-burglary measures.

From reinforcing existing windows to installing burglar-resistant ones, you have several options to enhance security. So, what's available for securing your windows? Let's explore.

Door and Window Sensors:

For a comprehensive security approach, consider any trusted door and window sensors. Window and door sensors notify you when a door or window is opened or closed. If integrated with your home alarm systems in Ocala, FL, they can send alerts directly to your smartphone. Glass break sensors, on the other hand, detect break-ins as they occur, recognizing the sound of an impact on the window before it shatters. These sensors help provide an extra layer of protection to your home.

Security Window Film:

You can apply security window film to your windows and door glass. This film holds the glass together even after repeated attempts to break it. It's a practical and cost-effective solution to enhance window security. The film comes in both transparent and tinted options to match your style, and it's a discreet way to strengthen your glass.

Window Bars:

Another option is to install bars on the exterior of your windows. These bars are a straightforward and affordable solution to deter potential intruders. However, some homeowners find them obtrusive and detrimental to their home's aesthetics.

Window Locks:

While it may seem obvious to lock your windows, the standard locks that come with many windows may not be as secure as you'd like. To improve security, consider adding secondary window locks. Options like pin locks and track locks are effective additions. Pin locks slide into the window frame to keep it closed, while track locks are ideal for sliding windows and doors.

Glass Glazing:

Glass glazing is a technique that reinforces your window and glass door security. It involves using materials like polycarbonate laminate to make the glass more resistant to impacts. This significantly reduces the risk of shattering upon attack, making it a reliable solution.

Burglar-Proof Glass Sheets and Panels:

If you're ready to make a substantial investment in your home's security, consider replacing your existing windows with burglar-proof glass sheets and panels. These specially designed glass solutions are highly resistant to break-ins and can even provide varying levels of ballistic resistance. They offer the highest level of protection for your home.

Want A Security System That Keeps Your Doors, Windows, And More Secure?

Whether it's motion-detecting sensors, window locks, or upgrading to laminated or tempered glass, there are many options to help boost your home's security. As one of the trusted home security companies in Ocala, FL, we at Home Security Systems offer a wide range of solutions. Whether it's extra window sensors or advanced smart security, we've got what you need for peace of mind.