What you should know about doggy doors

July 26, 2023 Home Security & Doggie Doors: What You Should Know

Doggie doors are a great way to let your furry friends come and go as they please. But you shouldn't compromise on home security and forget about keeping your loved ones safe. Here's what you should know:

1.Unwanted Guests

Doggie doors might attract unwanted visitors like burglars or critters. Small doors can be a potential entry point for determined intruders. To reduce the risk, choose a door that fits your pet but isn't large enough for a person to squeeze through. Look for strong doors with reinforced panels and secure locks. Some even have fancy electronic features that only respond to your pet's collar or microchip.

2.Size and Security

It's important to get the right-sized door for your pet. Make sure it's big enough for them but not big enough for a person to slip in. Look for sturdy doors with reinforced parts and locks that work like a charm. Some doors even have cool electronic stuff that only lets your pet through.

3.Where to Put It

Think about where to install the doggie door. Avoid putting it where it's easy to access from the street or where nosey neighbors can see. Instead, pick a safer spot, like a backyard with a fence or an inside door leading to a less visible area.

4.Keep an Eye Out

If security is a concern, consider adding sensors to your doors and windows. You can also get a home security system that alerts you if someone tries to sneak in through the doggie door. And don't forget about surveillance cameras-they're perfect for keeping an eye on the area around the doggie door.

5.Lock It Up

Some doggie doors have cool features like automatic locks or timers. They come in handy when you want to keep your pet inside or when you want extra security at certain times of the day or night.

6.Teach and Watch

Train your pet to use the door properly and set some rules about when they can or can't use it. And when your pet is outside, keep an eye on them, especially in areas where security is a concern. It's all about keeping them safe and minimizing any potential risks.

Just remember, while doggie doors give your pets freedom, you also need to think about home security. Take a good look at the door's features, your home setup, and what makes you feel secure. That way, you can make the best decision for you and your four-legged friend.